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Care and Warranty

road bikesLike all timbers, Macrocarpa will move when exposed to extreme weather / temperature conditions. Our standard coating Elastocure is designed to stretch and has a U.V. inhibiter to reduce the effects of the sun by reflecting the sun. If there is extreme temperature change then there is a small possibility that the coating may not be able to stretch enough and crack. Should this occur – as soon as practical – rub in some of the coating into the crack so that it is resealed to avoid water getting into the crack and enlarging it.

We advise that the furniture be wiped down with a damp cloth at least monthly to ensure the longevity of the coating.

If the furniture is scratched or chipped – apply 2 coats of Elastocure to the effected area.

It is recommended that an additional coating of Elastocure is applied every 2 years to the surfaces that get the sun as U.V. inhibiters start to lose their effectiveness after 2 years.

Elastocure can be purchased from our sites or online, go to our website store or you can call our free phone to discuss your furniture ph: 0508 244 622

Oiled or Stained Furniture

Oiled or stained furniture needs a great deal more maintenance because it does not have the same protective qualities as Elastocure and dries out. Oiled furniture requires oiling every 3 months. Stained furniture requires an additional coat every 6 months.

Download Elastocure Membrane coating instructions 2020 here


parking-w-ElastocureIn the unlikely event of product failure – Big Mac Slabs Furniture offers a 2 year repair or replace warranty with all of our macrocarpa furniture when it is returned to the Creative Centre.

Sale Items carry a 1 year warranty.

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